Orders Grow Fast


When talking to our partners recently, we noticed a fact that the orders increase a lot since last month. The epidemic of cover-19 lasts for almost a whole year, so we can find out at least some reasons on the below.

1. Out of stock

out of stock

We all know that the world had been crazy because the covid-19. Lower stock control level in the first half year, especially for the non-comsumer products. The 2 main customers placed orders over 500,000 US dollars. I would say they are going to make a lot of money while the competitors are out to stock. 

2. Plan for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

The customers who have more experiences of purchasing from China are placing order to deliver before Chinese New Year.

The earlier, the better production schedule.

You will find the exact date of Chinese Public Holidays 2021 and Business Tips in another article. Then you can make your purchasing plan as planned as other buyers.

3. It’s about US$?

10 percent

Chinese Yuan is going stronger against U.S. dollar significantly, Chinese Yuan is rallying sharply against U.S. dollar. Customers will be paying more dollars to get the same products. 

The market expection by 10%.