Bathroom Rack, 3 Tiers, Free Standing


  1. The Bathroom Shelf features heavy duty construction that ensures years of reliable use.
  2. The chrome finish.
  3. Three tiers of shelves that offer multiple storage options.
  4. The shelf can be used to store items, such as a small clock, or soaps and shampoos.
  5. It is ideal to stack clean towels or a bunch of toilet papers.


3 Tiers Bathroom Storage Rack

The Bathroom Storage Rack is the perfect way to take care of all your small storage needs for the bathroom. The unit allows you to store or stack up all necessary bathroom materials that you might need. There are three trays for you to storage the shampoo, soap, sponge, etc. The two bent outward handles are for hanging the towel also. The foot will keep the bottom tray from the floor.

No need to assemble. You just need to put it at a corner or close to the wall.

The storage rack is made of steel. The finish could be plating or powder coating.

Bathroom Rack

Additional information

Main Material

Stainless Steel, Steel

Product Finish

Chrome, Nickel, Powder Coating

Finish Colors

Chrome, Nickel, Silver or Customized Color

Sizes & Weight

22" H x 12.5" W x 7" D