Government Announced Chinese Public Holidays 2021

The government department announced Chinese Public Holidays 2021. We put together some more information to help you understand how it affects the business. You can make a better plan.

• New Year Holiday •

Jan 1, 2021 – Jan 3, 2021
It is a holiday follows the international. More like a comerical activity for traditional Chinese.

Business Tips

Plan your order when you’re back from the holiday. It is close to Chinese New Year Holiday. See below for more details.

• Chinese New Year Holiday •

Feb 11, 2021 – Feb 17, 2021
It is the greatest holidays for all Chinese. Peoples cerbrates with crackers, fireworks and a lot of foods includes all kinds of Dim Sum, visiting relations. It could be more than 10,000 words to cover all activities.

Business Tips

  1. Place the orders EARLIER if it must be shipped before CNY;
  2. Raw material suppliers may not confirm all orders even 15 days before the holiday date. Because it means the factory usually couldn’t complete the production before CNY. So the raw material suppliers prefer a better cash flow. Package supplier could be a bit closer to the holiday date. DO NOT take the promise of the factory for shorter than 15 days before the holiday date is better for your business plan.
  3. It is known as the biggest human migration for the world during CNY Holiday. A flight ticket, train ticket, bus ticket is deficient, the worse the close to the holiday. So, workers are planing going home even 30 days before the holiday date. It means man power shortage starts 30 days before the date. Another reason to place your order earlier.
  4. Similar reason as above, not all workers will be back at once after the holiday, for peak trafic reason or personal reason. Man power shortage is lasting about 15 days after the holiday.

There could be more but I am sure you’ve known when to make a good plan.

• Tomb Sweeping Festival Holiday •

Apr 3, 2021 – Apr 5, 2021
It is a day in memory of our ancestors. We remove the weeds since last year. In Chinese cultures, they were in the hades. The actitivty is also best wishes for the whole family.

The flowers are blooming, the weather is warm, and it’s a great day to be outdoors.

Business Tips

Production doesn’t affect by the holiday. The factory could make decision to work over time for peak production.

• Labour Day Holiday •

May 1, 2021 – May 5, 2021
It lasts 5 days long. Peoples plan to travel during the holiday.

Business Tips

It’s quite a long holiday. Production plan could be affected during the days. Factory will need to pay triple salary for May 1st, and double for the other dates during holiday.

• Dragon Boat Festival Holiday •

Jun 12, 2021 – Jun 14, 2021
3 days totally includes the weekend.

Business Tips

It’s about one month since the last holday. Peoples are not really making big plan for the holiday.

But it is rain season in China. If your products prodution needs a lot of sunlight. That’s a major resaon to make a good plan.

• Mid-Autumn Holiday •

Sep 19, 2021 – Sep 21, 2021
We also call it mooncake festival. It represents people commimg totegher and sharing, like a reunion.

Starbucks has it’s brand for mooncase since a few years ago in China.

Business Tips

The date in lunar calendar is August 15. So it varies each year. In 2020, it is coming with the National Day Holiday, 8 days holiday totoally.

It is close to the long holiday of National Day. Look closer to the urgent order to avoid out of control.

Peak season of production starts.

• National Day Holiday •

Oct 1, 2021 – Oct 7, 2021
It is the last public holiday in the year, 7 days.

Business Tips

Peak season for almost all industries since September for the world wide New-Year-Orders.

Raw materials price, package material price, ocean shipping price float up.

Make a good plan before the date for your business.